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 TAC Membership 

Event Fees

TAC members enjoy discounted entree fees for events hosted by the TAC. 

Tibetan School

TAC members' children are eligible for Tibetan Culture School, Performing Arts enrollment for your children.

Community Center

TAC members can rent the community center hall for personal use like birthdays, graduations and others deemed proper by TAC at rates that are generally substantially lower than the market. 

Voting Rights

TAC members are eligible to vote in any community elections including board members and captains. Greenbook(Chatrel) and TAC membership fees must be up to date for voting privelages. 

Community Network

TAC members are able to leverage the community network for any information regarding personal, professional, or social marketing purposes.


TAC Membership Application

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Membership FAQs

This membership FAQ is here for anyone that has any questions regarding TAC membership. If your questions are not addressed here feel free to contact us directly.

Frequently Asked TAC membership Questions

Below is a list of the most asked questions about TAC memberships!

What is the TAC membership for?

TAC Membership is a yearly due that is needed to fund yearly TAC hosted operations and events such as the Tibetan school and event gatherings. 

What is the difference between General Membership and Membership+?

General membership allows for basic benefits mostly allotted external to the community center. For full benefits including the community center, it is highly recommended that you join the Membership+ program.

Where can I get more information on different kinds of memberships and due costs?

Under the "Get Involved" main menu selection there are different pages you can select for the memberships and get more information including dues. General membership dues are a yearly $100 commitment. Membership+ is a one-time $3600 payment that can be paid in addition to the general membership on a scheduled payment plan or in one lumpsum. 

Where can I get more information on the Community Center?

This TAC website will have a dedicated page for the community center soon. Please stand by as we have more updates in the coming days. 

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