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TAC Membership +

We are at a critical stage where all willing and able community members can make a huge impact towards achieving our goal of obtaining our very own community center. Many years down the road, we can look back and be proud to have generously contributed toward our shared goal of realizing a community center. TAC is also working on grant appeals to corporate sponsors and our larger TAC financial supporters.

The time is now!

Become a Founding Member!
Make an impact!

Leave a legacy and become a part of the colorado Tibetan community history. Please support this initiative in any way you can. Any amount is welcomed even if it does not equate to the Membership Plus amount of $3600. Please email TAC at for more information. With maximum participation, TAC is confident that this goal will be achieved! 


1. Mail a check payable to the Tibetan Association of Colorado to the following

  • Tenzin Jigme Attn: TAC

  • 11781 Tennyson Way, Westminster, CO 80031

  • Please state the reason for your payment in the check memo

2. PayPal

  • Visit our TAC website and find the "PayPal Donate" option and pay.

  • You do not need a PayPal account and can use your Credit Card safely via the "PayPal Donate" option.

  • Please specify the complete name of the TAC member 

  • Send us an email to with any inquiries you have regarding your specific payment.

  • TAC's PayPal email address is (For anyone already signed up with PayPal).

  • Please state the reason for your payment in the memo

3. Zelle:

  • Within your checking account, find and click on "Send money with Zelle" (most Banks have a Zelle payment option)

  • You will then see 2 options: Send and Request. Click on "Send"

  • Next, click on the link that states "Add email or Phone number"

  • Add TAC as contact with the email address:

  • Click on the contact for TAC and send money  

  • Please state the reason for your payment in the memo

  • You may also send an email to with any inquiries you have regarding your payment

Enjoy Membership+ Benifits!

1. TAC membership Plus contributors’ eligible immediate family members will not have to pay TAC $100 Annual Membership fee for 3 years total

2. Names of the TAC membership Plus contributors will be recognized on a
commemorative plaque in our future community center
3. 50% discount on community center rental fee for first 3 private events

4. Full amount of $3600 is tax-deductible

5. Attend member-appreciation events

6. Access to workshops held by local Colorado Tibetan Professionals

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