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Select Your Membership

  • Membership M

    Every month
    Basic Monthly TAC Membership Dues
    • Discounted event entrance fees
    • Discounted community center rental/booking/reservations
    • Limited community center rental/booking/reservations
    • Basic online account
  • Membership Y

    Every year
    Basic Annual TAC Membership Due
    • Same Benefits as Basic Membership M
    • 17% Discount for Annual Due Payments
  • Benefactor

    Every month
    Get the most out of TAC
    • Basic Membership benefits plus below
    • Unlimited yearly rental/booking/reservation
    • Access to weekly/monthly professional workshops
    • Community center Wifi access
  • Membership Plus

    Every month
    TAC membership+ due for founders
    Valid for 36 months
    • Includes all the basic membership benefits for 36 months
    • Included on the TAC community center Founders List
    • Priority TAC community center Bookings/Reservations
  • Supporter

    Every month
    Basic Supporter
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